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Program questions

Program questions

The AIM Fellowship is an immersive professional experience that pairs a high-quality masters-level education in the science of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with hands-on and high-quality clinical supervision experience.

The AIM Fellowship supports AIM full-time employees in their graduate work toward the BCBA credential including training, supervision, graduate tuition support through tuition reimbursement and more.

The AIM Fellowship delivers a holistic experience that not only prepares you for a BCBA certification and a career in ABA therapy, it sets you up to be a leader in the field. On a fundamental level you will enjoy professional development and mentorship opportunities, supervision and cross-clinic collaboration at a standard that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, alongside full-time employment, salary and benefits. On a deeper level, it combines a high-quality, masters-level education with excellent real-world clinical training in a collaborative and supportive learning environment that allows you to fully immerse yourself as you grow as a scientist practitioner and begin a career of changing lives for the better.

Application questions

We require anyone who wants to apply to the AIM Fellowship to first apply to AIM Clinics as a full-time employee. Once you join our team as a behavior technician or registered behavior technician, we require you to work for AIM Clinics for 90 days before applying for the Fellowship during one of our application windows.

All AIM Fellowship applicants must be employed at AIM Clinics for at least 90 days before applying to the Fellowship. Applicants must also be a registered behavior technician and meet certain competencies. The application itself requires transcripts, a resume, reference checks and a personal statement. We look for strong undergraduate academic performance and a passion for ABA therapy.

Not at all! We like to counsel our fellows on programs as part of the Fellowship application process to ensure that the program you choose is a good fit for you. We do not expect our Fellowship applicants to have a school and program selected when applying.

The AIM Fellowship only applies to graduate-level coursework. It is an excellent way to continue your education after college in a high-quality graduate program while enjoying tuition support and a full-time salary and benefits.

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