AIM Clinics is now a partner of Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers.

AIM Clinics Joins Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers to Increase Access to Pediatric Care Across the Nation


With 1 in 44 children now diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), our mission to support and inspire children with autism, their families and our community remains stronger than ever. Our ever-growing efforts within the autism community stand to lift up the unique kids you love so much, and it’s time for us to spread that reach even further.

To do this, AIM Clinics is joining forces with Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers, one of the largest and most reputable autism therapy providers in the nation!

We are excited for the new opportunities for your child that will come with this partnership. By joining efforts, we are able to expand our reach even further to meet the growing need for high-quality pediatric autism services around the country. With a combined presence of more than 100 locations across 12 states (and counting!) this partnership allows our two organizations to serve a wider audience.

External Hopebridge Image
Outside of a Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center.

What does this mean for your child?

Rest assured, we are committed to the continuity of your child’s care, and this will not cause any interruption in your child’s treatment or assigned BCBA. Think of it as expanding upon our offering, rather than changing your day-to-day experience with AIM.

As you may have already experienced, AIM specializes in one-on-one applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy) for children with autism in a center-based environment. Hopebridge provides that and more, including revolutionary 360 Care in-center services like autism testing, speech-language, occupational, feeding and ABA therapy all in one place, in addition to opportunities for in-home therapy and teletherapy.

Together, AIM and Hopebridge will:

  • Continue to provide the highest quality of care,
  • Expand access for families through new, convenient locations and service options,
  • Elevate clinical excellence and growth opportunities through unparalleled training and development programs for our team members,
  • Participate in ground-breaking autism research through participation in initiatives and organizations like International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM),
  • Utilize advanced technologies that aid in creating the best clinical outcomes.

Hopebridge behavior therapist working with a kiddo during ABA therapy
A Hopebridge behavior therapist working with a kiddo during ABA therapy.

As an additional benefit of this partnership to our families, AIM plans to incorporate more interdisciplinary services, like speech therapy, occupational therapy and feeding therapy into some of our centers in the future, as well as autism testing.

The partnership with Hopebridge now enables us to serve children in new locations across the country, including those in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee. To take the next step in your child’s progress, check out our clinic locations to find therapy options near you.

For details about services at AIM Clinics, contact us here. To find out more information about Hopebridge or schedule an appointment, fill out the form here.

To join our mission, you can find out more about our employment opportunities in the autism space by visiting the Hopebridge Jobs page.