Jonathan's Story
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5/14/2019 By Aimee, Jonathan's Mother

My son Jonathan seemed to develop normally until he was about 2 years old. That was when I noticed the few words he did know how to speak had vanished. I noticed one day he wasn't talking or even pointing anymore. I immediately had him evaluated and into Early Intervention. He began intensive therapy 5 days a week that included ABA therapy with Dr. Sheri Homishak.

When he began he wouldn't follow any directions, speak or even play properly with toys. Instead he was like a miniature tornado tearing through a room. Dumping boxes of toys or other items out, seemingly for the sole purpose of just to dump them out. He was throwing or shaking anything he could grab a hold of; hitting floors, walls and furniture with an open hand repetitively.

Not only did Jonathan receive ABA therapy at preschool, but anything that I needed help him with at home, Sheri showed me. As well as any questions, concerns or struggles I had on my own at home, she would also address and help me find solutions. I was fully informed and involved. As a parent my concerns or struggles were taken legitimately, without judgment.

At the age of 5, and after 2-3 years of ABA therapy, almost all that was an issue before was nearly forgotten. Jonathan was not just talking but forming sentences and having conversations. He now plays with blocks, trucks and other toys properly, and his imaginative play has exploded! He has begun to develop friendships, and is honestly quite the flirt. He is also reading, and using phonics at grade levels above his age. This year he is in the First Grade and he remains fully included in the general education classroom.

I am positive, without a doubt, if it hadn't been for ABA and Sheri my son would still be non-verbal, shaking an item in his hand and spinning around in circles. ABA and Sheri gave my son not only a chance, but also patience, love and understanding. Jonathan has come so far! He has surpassed all that was expected and even more!

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