Three Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

3/24/2020 By The AIM Clinics Team

With millions of children home from school due to coronavirus, parents across the world are facing the challenge of entertaining their kids all day. And for many parents now working from home, keeping the kids busy and occupied so they can hunker down and get some work done is the biggest hurdle.

Despite the interruption in daily routines, most kids still have homework to complete—but once the day’s necessities are crossed off the list, there are plenty of options to help keep your kids busy and mentally stimulated. AIM Clinics has rounded up plenty of fun ideas from across the web to get you started.

1. First, set a schedule.

According to TIME magazine, the secret to filling time during these school-free days starts with developing a routine.

Break up the day into sections—similar to school—and maintain consistency. Once you’ve created time for meals and any homework or school projects, fill the rest of the day with child-led play, virtual “playdates” or self-led discovery periods for older kids.

2. Learning doesn’t have to stop.

Just because schools are closed right now doesn’t mean that learning needs to be on hold. In fact, we’d argue that now is the time to take advantage of hundreds of online learning resources.

This Forbes article recommends a few different platforms, including Amazing Educational Resources,, Khan Academy, Outschool and Adventure Academy. Another idea is to check out your local library’s website, writes The Atlantic, where users can find online resources. Some libraries are even hosting virtual or live-streaming reading events.

3. Allow your kids to explore their interests.

This isolated time doesn’t have to be unproductive—encourage your kid to explore some of their interests that they might not usually have time to honor. Parents share their favorite at-home activities in the Huffington Post, including one mom’s philosophy of using this quarantine as a period of self-discovery and self-study.

For kids who love animals, join the Little Rock Zoo as they broadcast a virtual Around the World Safari and take to Facebook Live to introduce members of the zoo! If you’re in the mood to get some energy out, consider a family yoga session or virtual dance party, thanks to some recommendations from WKRN Nashville.

At AIM Clinics, the thing we keep coming back to in our own lives is that all of us are in this together. Yes, this time may be chaotic and stressful, but we are also learning a lot every day about ourselves, our kids, our families and the world we live in. Now more than ever is the time to embrace our differences and celebrate what we love about each other. With patience and time, we will all get through this—and be better for it in the end.

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