What BHCOE Accreditation Means to our AIM Clinics Community

9/8/2021 By Jana Sarno, BCBA Chief Clinical Officer

When we started AIM Clinics, we did so with an ambitious mission in mind. We wanted to support and inspire children with autism, their families and our community. We wanted to bring the highest quality clinical services to children and teens in parts of the country that have been historically underserved. We work hard to do that every day. Since our beginnings, we’ve grown from one clinic in Arkansas to 22 and counting clinics across five states: Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Tennessee. We grow to fuel our mission, and our mission is to support and inspire our clients with the highest quality care.

How do we define quality care? At AIM, we have developed an intentional environment for our clients and our therapists, with smaller caseloads, an industry-leading commitment to our therapists, meaningful parent involvement, rigorous thought leadership and empowering professional development opportunities to commit to the four pillars of our clinical approach: quality, engagement, commitment and investment. We’re committed to the highest quality to promote meaningful outcomes for our clients.

We hold ourselves accountable to these standards. However, it is important that we truly challenge ourselves and evaluate our clinical practice and approach to ensure that we’re evolving and progressing every day. We began the Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence (BHCOE) accreditation process this summer. The BHCOE is an independent third-party evaluator that rigorously evaluates clinical and administrative standards for ABA service delivery organizations. We wanted to align our efforts with our mission and ensure that we were providing the highest quality care for our clients through the esteemed clinicians and colleagues at BHCOE.


For those who have participated in an accreditation process, you know it is not an easy lift. It takes a lot of time, commitment and effort to prepare, let alone cross the finish line. However, it is also a wonderful opportunity to show the work that we do and the impact that AIM Clinics has in the lives of children with autism, their families and our community.

The accreditation visit took us across a few states and allowed our teams in Brentwood, Tennessee and Fayetteville, Arkansas to showcase their work and represent our entire AIM community.

After an extensive clinical evaluation consisting of comprehensive interviews, review of policies and procedure, formal site visits, surveys and a few planes, trains and automobiles later, AIM Clinics is officially a BHCOE Accredited Organization!

This badge of accreditation means that our clinics are to uphold a commitment to continued quality care, accountability and transparency for our clients with regards to services provided. This shows that we are a thought leader in the behavior analysis community. We’re not only committed to clinical quality and powerful outcomes today, but for years to come. This badge shows our commitment to our clients, their families and the science of applied behavior analysis.

We are proud to display our BHCOE Accreditation Badge across our clinics and we pledge to uphold the level of excellence associated with this honor. Our clinicians worked tirelessly throughout the assessment process to ensure that the core values and mission of AIM Clinics were held at the core of everything they do. This is not an accomplishment for a few of our clinicians, but a proud achievement for all of our 485 AIM team members. Every valued AIM community member had a role in this exciting accomplishment, and we celebrate this as a community.

We are thrilled to announce our two year BHCOE Accreditation. We are the first fully accredited provider in the state of Arkansas and the only 2-year BHCOE-accredited provider in some of our communities, like Knoxville, Tennessee and Birmingham, Alabama. We are committed to offer high quality and child-centered ABA Therapy, serve more children and families and continue to #aimhigher!