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Training programs

Learn more about strategies that work

Everyone who works with children can benefit from learning about behavior management using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). AIM Clinics can collaborate with your school to help your students reach their highest potential.

AIM offers training and workshops on a variety of topics to help educators and school district staff of all levels work effectively with ABA techniques in the classroom. We are experts in autism. However, ABA can be helpful for classroom behavior management for all students, whether or not they are on the spectrum. We offer professional development and continuing education credits and will work with your school or organization to customize our approach to your community.

Here are a few ABA skills we’ve trained educators on in the past.

  • Basic concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Autism 101: How you can best meet the needs of students on the spectrum
  • Classroom behavior management strategies that work
  • Developmental milestones for early learners
  • How to maximize collaboration across disciplines to best serve students with ASD
  • Fostering independence in the classroom
  • Effective motivation techniques that help your student to learn
  • Managing and preventing challenging behavior in a classroom setting
  • Basic steps in writing a behavior support plan

How does AIM Clinics approach training and professional development?

We know you’re busy and have a lot on your plate. We want to maximize this experience for you and make it engaging, fun and easy to learn.

All trainings include:
  • Carefully structured agendas to meet your unique needs
  • Clear focus on meeting learning objectives
  • Engagement and active responding (polls, Q&As, retention checks, discussion)
  • Take home materials to make it easy to bring concepts back to the classroom

If you're interested in learning more about our professional training services or even consulting for your school community, contact us at

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